Motiv Re|Flex (Reflex) Plug-n-Play Ethanol Sensor Harness

Motiv Re|Flex (Reflex) Plug-n-Play Ethanol Sensor Harness

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This Plug-n-Play harness will connect an Ethanol Content Sensor to your Re|Flex allowing it to scale the sequential port injection based on real time content. No more disconnecting a ground or flashing between maps on your port injection controller.

For CANbus integrated cars, this harness allows you to integrate your ethanol content sensor into the factory DME/ECU (upon the pending release of these features by flash tuning platforms).

Does not include an ethanol sensor.


Weight: 0.30 lbs

Connector Material: Injection Molded Plastic

Sensor Connector: For GM Continental ethanol sensors *not included*

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