Gen1 B58 Stock Turbo POWER PACK (FBO)
Gen1 B58 Stock Turbo POWER PACK (FBO)
Gen1 B58 Stock Turbo POWER PACK (FBO)
Gen1 B58 Stock Turbo POWER PACK (FBO)

Gen1 B58 Stock Turbo POWER PACK (FBO)

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Save Money AND the Headache of Sourcing and Choosing The Best Bolt On Modifications, Because We Did It For You!

Unlock an Extra 100 to 200HP (Depending on Tune)

Introducing the BN Stock Turbo POWER PACK. We've pieced together everything it takes to max out the Stock Gen1 Turbo.

What's Included:

BN Catless Downpipe: The keys to accessing power (reliably) out of a turbo setup is strongly reliant on flow (Air in AND Air out). The BN Catless Downpipe removes the restrictive catalytic converter (and even sounds Awesome)!!

BN Performance Cold Air Intake: There is a misconception in our community that the stock intake is good enough for high power output. While you may still have good iat's with the stock intake. Your turbo is working harder to hit target and this costs you reliability and that extra bit of room to max out your setup. The BN Intake is perfect for this as it is still enclosed so IAT's aren't hurt, but Flow Efficiency is maximized. (G series will receive MST intake)

B58 TU High Pressure Fuel Pump: Our Stock High Pressure Fuel Pumps Lack When it Comes to Output. The B58TU HPFP is the perfect upgrade for stock turbo setups and will allow you to max out your setup with a blend of ethanol fuel.

If Purchased Individually: $1139.96

You Save $140!!

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