Gen1 B58 9.0 POWER PACK
Gen1 B58 9.0 POWER PACK
Gen1 B58 9.0 POWER PACK
Gen1 B58 9.0 POWER PACK
Gen1 B58 9.0 POWER PACK
Gen1 B58 9.0 POWER PACK
Gen1 B58 9.0 POWER PACK
Gen1 B58 9.0 POWER PACK

Gen1 B58 9.0 POWER PACK

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Fueling Setup
Transmission Upgrade
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Save Money AND the Headache of Sourcing and Choosing The Best Modifications, Because We Did It For You!

Introducing The BN Gen 1 B58 9.0 1/4 POWER PACK! Everything you need to properly setup your car capable of running low 9's and even high 8 1/4 mile times. (Tune and Traction Dependent)

**This kit is Built Already Assuming you have a standard modifications such as HPFP Upgrade etc.** (If not Click Here)


BigBoost Precision 6870 Turbo Kit: This kit is the newest and most potent Gen1 Setup BigBoost has to offer.


Pick Your Fueling, Choose between,

RK Autowerks Billet Aluminum Manifold With 950cc Injectors(Recommended)


Precision Raceworks 950cc Port Injection Plate (uses OEM manifold)

Both Setups are Controlled with the Included Reflex+ (This can be used to control boost as well for your turbo, you will need a 3 port Mac Valve)


Precision Raceworks Stage 4 lpfp: With Lots Of Power Comes The Need for Lots of Fuel. Thats Why we've Included the Stage 4 LPFP from Precision Raceworks.


Optional Transmission Upgrade (Highly Recommended) 

Pure Drive Train Stage 2 Hp50 Rebuild with high stall converter (You will need to send in your core) The OEM hp50 internals will not last at the power levels needed to run 9's we recommend either having your hp50 built or swapping for an Hp70 

A built motor is also Highly Recommended to Run low 9's.

Ali Barakat is a very Knowledgeable Builder and we used him for our shop car's B58!


Depending On Options This Kit Saves You $600 to $1,150!!!

*On Orders With Transmissions included, Shipping Cost Is Subject to Change*


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