Direct Injector Cleaning/Service
Direct Injector Cleaning/Service
Direct Injector Cleaning/Service
Direct Injector Cleaning/Service

Direct Injector Cleaning/Service

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Price Is For A SET Of 6 Injectors.

This service starts by performing a leak test which is a common issue for cold start misfires.

Then perform a dynamic flow test to visually check the spray pattern of the injector followed by a graduated cylinder volume test to determine any deviation in flow rates.

We also preform an inductive test to check internal resistance of each injector.

After testing we back flush each injector, and clean them in a state of the art ultrasonic cleaner while simultaneously firing them which will clean the pintles seat. After servicing them, we then run them through the same testing again followed by a complete reseal using genuine BMW seals.

Faulty/Dirty Injectors can Cause issues from Misfires, all the way to catastrophic Engine Failure. BimmerNetwork Recommends This Service Once Every 4 Years, on common setups, Or yearly on High Performance/High Power Engine Setups. We will be Servicing Our Built B58 Shop Car's Injectors Every 4-6 months.

A shipping Label Will Be Provided To You To send Your Injectors To Stryker Performance. Please Wrap Each Individual Injector in Some Form of Padding (Bubble Wrap, Paper Towl, Etc..) Customer Is Liable For Any Damage During Shipping.

If One Or More Injector is Deemed Irreparable, You Can Order a Replacement B58 Injector By Clicking Here 

You Can Rent Our B58/B48 Injector Removal/Installation Kit By Clicking Here

Performed By Stryker Performance, taking pride in quality service at a reasonable price. 

Bosch B58/48 Number:

  • 0 261 500 541
  • 0 261 500 542
  • 0 261 500 539
  • 0 261 500 140

Alternative BMW/Mini Number:

  • 13 53 8 625 396
  • 8625396

N55 Part Number

  • 13647597870
  • 13-64-7-597-870

N54 Part Number

  • 13538616079
  • 13-53-8-616-079

S55 Part Number

  • 13647639994
  • 13648625397