BN Gen1 B58 Aluminum Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit
BN Gen1 B58 Aluminum Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit
BN Gen1 B58 Aluminum Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit
BN Gen1 B58 Aluminum Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit

BN Gen1 B58 Aluminum Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit

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Introducing the BN Gen1 B58 Aluminum Charge pipe Upgrade Kit: Elevate Your Driving Experience

Key Features:

1. Unrivaled Durability with Aluminum Build: Our charge pipe upgrade kit is expertly constructed from high-quality aluminum, ensuring exceptional strength and resilience. Unlike BMW OEM plastic, this aluminum charge pipe excels under high boost conditions, eliminating the risk of cracking or exploding for a worry-free driving experience.

2. Reliable Connection with 4ply Silicone Coupler: Equipped with a robust 4ply silicone coupler, this kit guarantees a secure and leak-free connection. The coupler's durability complements the charge pipe's strength, forming an impenetrable barrier against pressure loss.

3. Secure Fit with T-Bolt Clamps: Your peace of mind matters. The kit includes dependable T-Bolt Clamps that securely fasten components, ensuring a leak-free system.

4. Optimal Sealing with New O-Ring and C-Clip: The BN B58 Aluminum Charge pipe Upgrade Kit comes complete with a new O-ring and C-clip, forming an airtight seal that eliminates air leaks and sustains optimal boost levels.

5. Versatile 3 1/8NPT Ports: Tailor your setup effortlessly with three 1/8NPT ports, providing flexibility for personalized enhancements to match your performance objectives. Such As Pressure sensors, Methanol, Nitrous, Etc!


  • Increased Throttle Response: Experience a heightened connection between your foot and the accelerator, translating to rapid and precise engine response.

  • Unparalleled Durability: Unlike BMW OEM plastic alternatives, this aluminum charge pipe is engineered to withstand high boost pressures without the risk of cracks or explosions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  • Effortless Customization: The 3 1/8NPT ports offer a canvas for personalization, enabling you to fine-tune your setup as desired.

Upgrade your vehicle with the BN B58 Aluminum Charge pipe Upgrade Kit and rediscover the road. Elevate your driving encounters with unwavering durability, unmatched responsiveness, and the freedom to unleash your engine's true potential.

Dominate the road with confidence – elevate your journey with BN. Your path to superior automotive performance starts now.

BMW OEM Charge Pipe PART NUMBER 13718601684

This item fits the following BMWs:
2016+ F20 & F21 140I & 140iX (B58 Engine)
2016+ F20 M140i & M140iX (B58 Engine)
2015+ F22 M240i & M240iX (B58 Engine)
2015+ F23 M240i & M240iX Convertible (B58 Engine)
2015+ F30 340i & 340iX (B58 Engine)
2015+ F31 340i & 340iX Touring (B58 Engine)
2015+ F34 340i & 340iX GT (B58 Engine)
2015+ F32 440i & 440iX (B58 Engine)
2016+ F33 440i & 440iX Convertible (B58 Engine)
2016+ F36 440i & 440iX Gran Coupe (B58 Engine)
2016+ G30 540i & 540iX (B58 Engine)
2016+ G31 540i & 540iX Touring (B58 Engine)
2017+ G32 640i & 640iX Gran Turismo (B58 Engine)
2016+ G11 740i & 740iX (B58 Engine)
2016+ G12 740i, 740iX, 740Li, & 740LiX (B58 Engine)
2017+ G01 X3 M40iX (B58 Engine)
2017+ G02 X4 M40iX (B58 Engine)

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